The Moshi Monsters Beginners’ Guide

Welcome to the Gaming Beanie’s Moshi Monsters Beginners’ Guide!

In this guide we will explain how to join, what kinds of monsters you can adopt, explaining the map, your house, how to get popular and much, much more!

The guide is for you, so if you want to see something in this guide – just comment!

Section One :- How to get popular

Welcome! For now, section one will be on how to get popular in Moshi Monsters. Once I get more info on the other aspects I will move this down to a lower section so that more important sections can get added.

A simple way to get popular is to post, post, post on the MM forums. This will get you noticed by other players, and if you post interesting and helpful posts people will want to visit your home and become your friend!

Since MM added a new section for friends, you can post a new thread asking for friends, but this is a slightly cheating way, since you’re not really earning the respect.

Another way to get popular is to fill your room with interesting items and decorate well, if you do this and get noticed, you might get room of the week! This really makes you popular.

The best way I have found for getting popular is to send in a picture or a poem of some kind to The Daily Growl. If your artistic piece is good, people will visit your home and comment on saying how cool it is! You will get noticed too, and you will get a sudden rush of friend requests.

If you have more LEGAL ways of getting popular on Moshi Monsters, please comment on this page, email me, or contact me on Moshi Monsters (my username is kontinasu).

COMING SOON.. (a tutorial on how to get set up on MM!)


15 Responses to “The Moshi Monsters Beginners’ Guide”

  1. Michael Acton Smith Says:

    Great Moshi Monsters advice Beanie. Your blog is a excellent resource for anyone interested in virtual pets. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ella Says:

    Please add me HypedxStar

    :]] I forgot my old account so i had to make a new one.

    xD add me!

  3. Jade Says:

    Hey, you already have me so theres no point in me posting my name.. but i have too now lol
    can’t remember the name of my other one – the one you don’t have.
    go on my JadeAW profile and click my friends tree and you’ll see the other one i have lol

    Jade xx

  4. pee on carl Says:

    add me i have three so here they are


  5. hehe Says:

    Add me my username is smokeybear27 and i have Dj Quack and I’m trying to get oddie

  6. Angela Says:

    Please add me šŸ™‚ Candyyness

  7. :) Says:

    add me! šŸ˜€ im nosila96
    i have had all the moshlings except the ones that the members can get >.<

  8. varnibubblepop9844 Says:

    add me varnibubblepop9844 cus i rox

  9. coolernow123 Says:

    no add me im coolernow soon ill be the most popular moshi monster!

  10. dean Says:

    i am on a high level

  11. dean Says:

    add me

  12. yagmur Says:

    thank you

  13. erinmyaa Says:

    Add me in moshi my name is
    im a pink and white KATSUMA šŸ™‚

  14. Pizza-delivery Says:

    Hi. im pizza-delivery. Please add me!

  15. ddfddc Says:


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