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A Very Rad Roy G. Biv Day!

April 14, 2009

Hi again! Moshi Monsters has a very special visitor. His name is Roy G. Biv and he is coming to town! To celebrate his arrival, recently, Roary Scrawl held a competition in which all the Monster owners thought up cool tricks Roy could do and name them. Roy is very important as he makes sure that Monstro City has rainbows all year round!
All the rainbow things in shops (Rainbow Shades, Rainbow Chairs, Rainbow Decorations and Rainbow Pictures) are only 13 rox! Why 13? Because 13 is Roy’s lucky number. To read a very informative interview and more about this special day, go to


Annual Easter Egg Hunt

April 13, 2009

As y’all know, each year, Moshi Monsters holds a super special event in which all owners seek to find Easter Eggs during (would you believe it!) the Easter holidays. This year, I suggest you look on Sludge Street and Main Street, as that’s where all the eggs are hidden. Some are distant in the background so keep you eyes peeled! There are NO eggs hidden in ANY of the shops. Whew! That makes it a whole lot easier. As you find them, click on the decorated little eggs and your monster will tell you a special letter. All these letters will make up a Furi owners name. Enter it in your Find A Friend space. You have to try and guess the country the owner is from. He will give you 4 hints/clues to help you. Check them out on his pinboard. But be quick! As only the first 5,000 will be able to enter. Also, Roary Scrawl mysteriously says, there will be a GRAND PRIZE to the person that is the quickest and is correct in the challenge that he has set you. I wont spoil your fun and tell you the eggs whereabouts or the country in which he comes from! Good luck guys! Also, happy Easter guys! Keep watching for more posts on Gaming Beanie!

MM: Monstro City’s Next Top Monster is..

December 28, 2008


Hazelbunny’s Poppet Minx! (Visit them here) Congrats to her. In other news, there has been a lot of competitions and stuff, like Twistmas, which included a few new Twistmassy items. Seems to me Roary Scrawl likes jigsaws at the moment..

Ciao x


Answering all your Moshling questions!!

December 7, 2008

Technically it won’t be just moshlings.. I will answer ANY Moshimonsters questions you may have as best I can!

If you have a question (or more than one) just post them in the comments below.

Once I have around 20 or so, I will make a new post with the answers. You can keep posting more questions, and I will have a q+a session each week if I get enough!

Ciao x


MM: New dress up items!

November 7, 2008

This Zommer is modelling some of the new dress up items in stores NOW! The items being modelled are; Reading Glasses, Baggy Black Jeans, and the red, white and blue sweatband.

To buy them, just head over to the marketplace! :3

Ciao x


MM: Profiles!

October 11, 2008

The Daily Growl has posted some cool profiles about two of the Moshlings.

Furry Heebee


Super cute? Not really. A Furry Heebee’s bite is worse than its bark. That’s because these flying Moshlings are greedy bloodsuckers that flutter around at night hunting for juicy victims. When they can’t find any necks to nip, they’ll settle for a nice mug of instant tomato soup with plenty of garlicky croutons.

Long capes and scary organ music.

Heebee repellent spray and figures-of-eight.

It’s rare to see a Furry Heebee at all, but if you do it will be hanging upside-down in the Kreepy Kaves of Pantsilvania.

Also, there is a coolio Ghost Story contest! As posted in the Daily Growl, here is how to enter:

* Publish your Ghost Stories on your Pinboard
* Use a green note with a Halloween-y icon, like the bat
* You must comment in this blog to enter, and don’t forget to include the TITLE of your story
* You can enter yourself, or nominate someone else
* You can work with a team to create a collective story, or you can work alone

Keep on Moshy-ing!

Ciao x


CP: Events & New Moshlings page coming soon!

September 19, 2008


I can announce that the Fall fair will be taking place from September 29th to October 5th! Also, according to the Developer’s Blog, we can also expect a visit from Rockhopper, a new mission (yay!), a Halloween party, 3rd year anniversary celebration, and a new yearbook!!

All is a go.. here is a screenie of events coming up, and the new furniture in the Igloo Catalogue

Remember to drag to your address bar for a better image!

In other news:

Expect a new page completely and utterly dedicated to Moshlings! Got tips? Post ’em here!

Ciao x


Gaming Beanie needs new authors!

September 13, 2008

At the moment, the authors will still be here. But soon, if they don’t post more news for TGB, I will be emailing them to warn them that their positions might be refilled, and looking to replace them with new authors.

The Gaming Beanie is looking to hire 1-3 new authors.

You need to be;

– 12+ or mature (includes correct grammar)

– Can update on more than two of the sites The Gaming Beanie focuses on. (or is very experienced in one of the sites) (so if you are good at playing Fuzz Academy and Club Penguin, you will be able to apply!)

– Is kind, trustworthy and can type legible writing! (i.e NO CHATSPEAK! for example: lyk hi ther bbz. plz chat kkz?) (Smilies are allowed!)

To apply just send an email to , and include your name, email, experience in blogs/virtual sites (lsit which site out of the ones listed on the right hand side you will be good at posting on), and why you should be a new author.

Beanie x

I really would like to see some applicants, so don’t be shy, if you know your stuff in Neopets, Fuzz Academy, Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin, you’ll be a great author here at Gaming Beanie!

MM: New pets (Moshlings) for your monster!

September 8, 2008

I can officially announce that cute new pets will be coming soon to Moshi Monsters! Roary Scrawl announced today that tomorrow (9th September) that a new shop will open where you can buy seeds to lure Moshlings to your house.

Click here for a more indepth guide 🙂

Expect a section on getting a Moshling when they came out!

Ciao x


MM: I’ve been featured!

August 31, 2008

Well lookie here! I sent in a pic of my Katsuma, Jellybean, and it got posted in the Daily Growl!! 😀

Here is a link: Click!

I was very excited 😀 I got tons of friend requests, and loads of people commented on my art ^^; I was so chuffed!

In other news: Sorry we haven’t been posting news asap, I for one, have been very busy in r/l!

Chat with me! 😀


Beanie x