BABV: Gifts, New Year, and more

December 31, 2008 by


A few days before Christmas, there was a free Peppermint hat from Holly in the North Pole.

On the 24th December, every character on BABV received a bearmail from Santa himself, wishing us a happ new year, with a free ‘Holiday village’ to put inside our condos. Then, from December 26th-29th, we could click on a North Pole character every day and receive a gift. First was the Lounger chair from Santa, then a basket of muffins from Mrs. Claus, followed by a moose emoticon from Hal and a gift box hat from Holly. On the 30th, we could click on the bells in the North Pole and receive a random amount of Bear bills.

Now today, if you visit Sunshine shores and click Brown Sugar Puppy and Pawlette Coufur, you can get a 2009 verion of last year’s 2008 glasses, and a countdown emoticon!

2 new rooms are coming out on the 1st January, these being the bathroom and the basement, available to purchase in the Lumbear yard.

A few months ago, you m ay remember Hello Kitty at the beach, where she gave you a quest to find bows and receive a free stool. Hello Kitty has returned, this time in the Fashion District, once again providing us with a quest to find bows across BABV, and receive a cool free gift. Then on the 2nd, the new Jack Russel Terrier will be on the rooftop of the Bear Boutique. Click him to find out how to get another cool prize.

Attached is a picture of last years 2008 glasses, and the new 2009 glasses.



MM: Monstro City’s Next Top Monster is..

December 28, 2008 by


Hazelbunny’s Poppet Minx! (Visit them here) Congrats to her. In other news, there has been a lot of competitions and stuff, like Twistmas, which included a few new Twistmassy items. Seems to me Roary Scrawl likes jigsaws at the moment..

Ciao x


The Pink Monkey!

December 22, 2008 by

Theres a Pink Monkey in the Neighboorhood! Below is a picture.

Go see her and do the quest! You have to find 5 bunches of Bananas around Buildabearville. I can’t tell you were they are becuase they are all in different places around Buildabearville for every person. Once you have found them all, you get an awesome prize! The Banana Hat! Below is a picture.

Isn’t it awesome?


-Jadee =]

Holly gifts, new game, furniture.

December 18, 2008 by

Holly Moose is giving out Snowflake blue mittens and a Holly move! Go and see her in the North Pole to get yours 🙂

There is a special Christmas version of Bears and Pairs, ‘Bears and pairs: World Holidays’, in which you have to match up the Christmas traditions. Find it on the big table in the Libeary.

The Christmas furniture from last year has returned, as well as a few other things, which can be bought in the Store Fur All Seasons, Market Place.

Someone else is giving away a free gift around BABV, but I will leave it as a mystery for you to find out for now 😉

Attached is a picture of where you can find the new game.


                             Bears And Pairs

BABV: Free Gift

December 15, 2008 by

Today, Mrs Claus is giving out a Red and Green Pot Holder to put in your cub condo! Below is a small picture.

And don’t forget to go to Bearemy for your free gift!


-Jadee =]

Bearemy’s 12 days of Christmas gift!

December 13, 2008 by

You may have read my recent post about the Countdown to Christmas, with Bearemy giving away free gifts each day. When I logged on this morning, the first thing I did was click Bearemy. He then gave me 3 dance moves, an emoticon, 6 furniture pieces and 2 accesories. These are all based on the 12 days of Christmas song, so the items are things such as a Partridge in a pear tree, and 5 Golden rings. I have now discovered, due to Beanie’s post, that this was a glitch, (a very good glitch!) and attached is a picture of one of the gifts, the bird emoticon.


BABV: 12 days of Christmas

December 13, 2008 by

The 12 days of Christmas have begun on Build-a-bearville! To receive today’s gift (13th) just go and talk to Bearemy in the Town Square. You will receive a new move, the drumming move!


Club Penguin: New Christmas Features!

December 12, 2008 by

Today, Christmas updates have been made on Club Penguin 🙂

The free bell given away last year has returned! If you didn’t get one last year, get it now at The Beach.

The Coins For Change feature, which was also here last year, is here again. Club Penguin are donating 1 million dollars to 3 charities, and by donating coins, we can decide how much of the money goes to each charity. Stands are located across Club Penguin, where you can donate your coins.

Rockhopper is here! The Migrator is decorated in a Christmas theme, which looks great. There is a free Sailor’s cap available in the Migrator catalog, as well as some members only items.

There is a note on the Club Penguin official blog, saying that there will be something exciting happening for UK users soon. They can’t sayt anything more about it, but there will be more news in Saturday’s blog 🙂

Thankyou for reading, guys,


Attaches is a picture of the coins for change feature, as well as the Festive migrator.

Don’t forget to drag the screenies to your address bar for a full view!

Hidden Item!

December 12, 2008 by

Theres a hidden Pommel Horse in the Sports Catalog!

Click the “N” in “Sport Furniture” to get this Item.

CP: Card-Jitsu Tips

December 11, 2008 by

Here are my tips at playing Card-Jitsu. They have helped me get to an orange belt in just 15 minutes! Now, i know everyone has they’re own way of playing Card-Jitsu, therefore, my tips may not work for you like they do for me. But atleast try them first (:

1. Always use your highest numbered snow card first. If they defeat this card, it doesn’t matter as theres still time to get a card!

2. Secondly, use any numbered water card as they’re most likely to use a fire card.

3. Use your snow again! It doesn’t matter what number!

4. Never be predictable. E.g. if you have a fire and water card, don’t use your snow card! They’re most likely to choose fire; as it melts snow. So use your water card.

5. If they already have a fire card, go for a high numbered snow card. They’re most likely to use a water card.

6. Always think one step ahead of them! It’s quite easy to figure out there tatics so don’t worry!

7. Think before you choose a card! If you don’t, you may not defeat the other players card.

8. If you are face with a penguin with a black belt, don’t back out! They are just like everyone else only with a higher belt. The belt doesn’t make any difference in how good they are. Plus, you get MORE points!

9. Imagine yourself as the other penguin. SO, whatever they have on their board side already, try to think up what they would use. So e.g. you ‘imagine’ that they (you) are going to use a water card, therefore you use the snow card.

10. Don’t back out if your losing. The other opponant could easily loose by the click of a finger!

11. Also, make sure you go to Sensei to play Card-Jitsu otherwise you won’t get your belts! It says on the Board that has all the coloured belts on it if you didn’t see it!

I hope my tips helped (: