A Very Rad Roy G. Biv Day!


Hi again! Moshi Monsters has a very special visitor. His name is Roy G. Biv and he is coming to town! To celebrate his arrival, recently, Roary Scrawl held a competition in which all the Monster owners thought up cool tricks Roy could do and name them. Roy is very important as he makes sure that Monstro City has rainbows all year round!
All the rainbow things in shops (Rainbow Shades, Rainbow Chairs, Rainbow Decorations and Rainbow Pictures) are only 13 rox! Why 13? Because 13 is Roy’s lucky number. To read a very informative interview and more about this special day, go to http://www.moshimonsters.com/community/blog


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3 Responses to “A Very Rad Roy G. Biv Day!”

  1. cutiegirl007 Says:

    what kind of monster is roy g. biv? poppet,katsuma,zommer,diavilo or furi?

  2. aznsauce Says:

    Hey! Roy isn’t a kind of monster you can adopt. Sorry.

  3. HEY BABY Says:

    is he a member can i add him 2 my list? neway bye suckers

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