BABV: Gifts, New Year, and more



A few days before Christmas, there was a free Peppermint hat from Holly in the North Pole.

On the 24th December, every character on BABV received a bearmail from Santa himself, wishing us a happ new year, with a free ‘Holiday village’ to put inside our condos. Then, from December 26th-29th, we could click on a North Pole character every day and receive a gift. First was the Lounger chair from Santa, then a basket of muffins from Mrs. Claus, followed by a moose emoticon from Hal and a gift box hat from Holly. On the 30th, we could click on the bells in the North Pole and receive a random amount of Bear bills.

Now today, if you visit Sunshine shores and click Brown Sugar Puppy and Pawlette Coufur, you can get a 2009 verion of last year’s 2008 glasses, and a countdown emoticon!

2 new rooms are coming out on the 1st January, these being the bathroom and the basement, available to purchase in the Lumbear yard.

A few months ago, you m ay remember Hello Kitty at the beach, where she gave you a quest to find bows and receive a free stool. Hello Kitty has returned, this time in the Fashion District, once again providing us with a quest to find bows across BABV, and receive a cool free gift. Then on the 2nd, the new Jack Russel Terrier will be on the rooftop of the Bear Boutique. Click him to find out how to get another cool prize.

Attached is a picture of last years 2008 glasses, and the new 2009 glasses.



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