Club Penguin: New Christmas Features!


Today, Christmas updates have been made on Club Penguin ๐Ÿ™‚

The free bell given away last year has returned! If you didn’t get one last year, get it now at The Beach.

The Coins For Change feature, which was also here last year, is here again. Club Penguin are donating 1 million dollars to 3 charities, and by donating coins, we can decide how much of the money goes to each charity. Stands are located across Club Penguin, where you can donate your coins.

Rockhopper is here! The Migrator is decorated in a Christmas theme, which looks great. There is a free Sailor’s cap available in the Migrator catalog, as well as some members only items.

There is a note on the Club Penguin official blog, saying that there will be something exciting happening for UK users soon. They can’t sayt anything more about it, but there will be more news in Saturday’s blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Thankyou for reading, guys,


Attaches is a picture of the coins for change feature, as well as the Festive migrator.

Don’t forget to drag the screenies to your address bar for a full view!


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