Free Gifts and BABVs 1st Anniversary!


Today is Buildabearvilles Anniversary! For this event, Bearemy and Pawlette are giving out free items! Bearemy is giving out a coolio Party Move while Pawlette is giving out a 1st Year Anniversary Tee! They’re only giving them out today so get them before the Anniversarys over! Also, sometime today you will be able to play the fountain an unlimited amount of times!

On the 13th of December, the Buildabearville Christmas Countdown will begin! Make sure you go to Bearemy in the town square everyday up until Christmas for your special gifts!

Also, Holly is giving out a red and green Scarf! And as you all know, Mrs. Claus is giving out Muffins!

Above are a couple of pics of the Scarf and the 1st Anniversary Tee 🙂


Jadee =]


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2 Responses to “Free Gifts and BABVs 1st Anniversary!”

  1. jamiewaterfall11 Says:

    awesome wats ur username s we can vbe friends im jamiewtarefall11

  2. Jade Says:

    My name on Buildabearville is JadeChocolate65 🙂

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