CP: Card-Jitsu Tips


Here are my tips at playing Card-Jitsu. They have helped me get to an orange belt in just 15 minutes! Now, i know everyone has they’re own way of playing Card-Jitsu, therefore, my tips may not work for you like they do for me. But atleast try them first (:

1. Always use your highest numbered snow card first. If they defeat this card, it doesn’t matter as theres still time to get a card!

2. Secondly, use any numbered water card as they’re most likely to use a fire card.

3. Use your snow again! It doesn’t matter what number!

4. Never be predictable. E.g. if you have a fire and water card, don’t use your snow card! They’re most likely to choose fire; as it melts snow. So use your water card.

5. If they already have a fire card, go for a high numbered snow card. They’re most likely to use a water card.

6. Always think one step ahead of them! It’s quite easy to figure out there tatics so don’t worry!

7. Think before you choose a card! If you don’t, you may not defeat the other players card.

8. If you are face with a penguin with a black belt, don’t back out! They are just like everyone else only with a higher belt. The belt doesn’t make any difference in how good they are. Plus, you get MORE points!

9. Imagine yourself as the other penguin. SO, whatever they have on their board side already, try to think up what they would use. So e.g. you ‘imagine’ that they (you) are going to use a water card, therefore you use the snow card.

10. Don’t back out if your losing. The other opponant could easily loose by the click of a finger!

11. Also, make sure you go to Sensei to play Card-Jitsu otherwise you won’t get your belts! It says on the Board that has all the coloured belts on it if you didn’t see it!

I hope my tips helped (:


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5 Responses to “CP: Card-Jitsu Tips”

  1. X Susan X Says:

    its all good stuff. I know a way to see through my opponant. Its secret im now a brown belt after 1 hour of playing

  2. X Susan X Says:

    oh it did help

  3. Jade Says:

    oh thats really good 🙂

  4. anstsasdsa Says:

    i got to half way by using a different method but thanks anyways

  5. alice Says:

    wow 10 matches in row and a belt….. I’m sticking with this!!

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