Paws Fur Nature, Bearthday, Muffins.


A new issue of Paws Fur Nature is available from today! Click on your copy now, or if you haven’t already got one, go to the Libeary to collect it now! Correctly answer the quiz questions in the back of the book to receive a banana plant!

There is something special happening with the fountain on11th December, as it is Buildabearville’s 1st birthday! Who knows what other suprises there will be? EDIT: Check Jade’s post to find out about free gifts, fountain specials and more.

Mrs Claus is giving out a tray of Muffins! Click her in the North pole Workshop to get yours today!


Attached is a picture of the article from Bearville Times featuring the new Paws Fur Nature magazine, and a picture of the free gift in my condo.



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One Response to “Paws Fur Nature, Bearthday, Muffins.”

  1. leannefurryfriend1 Says:

    I love Ur cow bed it looks so cool!

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