BABV: Christmas, Valentine’s and gifts


Today, I received some very exciting news direct from BABV!

You may remember last year’s Christmas furniture, some of those being the Snowman chair, Snowflake Bureau and the Holiday Nightstand. I have received word that some of these items will be returning to BABV to buy. I think they will be on sale in the new Store Fur All Seasons, rather than the Bear Stuff Store which they were in last year.

The special Heart table which was available around the time of Valentine’s day earlier this year is being brought back to BABV next year, but it is not going to be the same table. I have been told it will be in different colours and styles, but it is not in their plans to bring back that exact table.

The Moose Antlers which Beanie informed you of yesterday, were not just a random freebie. They were the 8th of the month hidden gift for December.

Attached is a picture of last year’s table.


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