Habbo Advent Calendar


Chistmas is coming, and Habbo Hotel has decided to celebrate. They have made a special advent calendar, for user’s who have a verifiied email address. Each day that you log on to Habbo, you will receive a different penguin to put into your room. There will be a new penguin, in a different costume each day, until and including the 26th December. The penguins so far:

Plain penguin, Business penguin, Bacteria penguin, Clown penguin, Bunny penguin, and the Disco penguin. They all have scientific names too:

Aptenodytes Fosteri

Aptenodytes Loman

Aptenodytes Bacterium

Aptenodytes Pennywise

Aptenosytes Euripides

Aptenodytes Foxy

Make sure to log on each day and claim your penguin!

In other news: You can now vote for who you want to win the Habbo Music Festival. Contestants are Same Difference, The Days, Envy, Alesha Dixon and DJ Ironik. If the act you’re supporting wins, you will gain an exlusive HMF badge for your character.

I will upload a picture at the end of the month of all 26 of the penguins.




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