General BABV Update


Well since we can start writing about BABV now, I’m going to be writing a lot. I’m a bit of an addict. Here’s all the latest news for you:

The North Pole is open, and to get there simply visit the train station, and wait for the next train! There are 3 different games there, these being Moose Toboggan, Santa’s assembly line and

You can meet Santa, Mrs Claus, Hal and Holly Moose there. They seem to be giving out free gifts quite regularly, but make sure you grab them while you can, because when a new gift comes out, the old one is replaced. So far, we have had Ear muffs and a reindeer emoticon from Holly, a Christmas tree from Hal, and a santa hat and beard from Santa.

As MaxineClarkCEB gives out a free gift when you meet her online in BABV, this month’s gift is a director’s chair! ChloeRocks’ gift is yet to be discovered.

There are some great new items for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the general winter period, in all of the stores, including the new Shop Fur All Seasons, which will be updating its items for every major holiday.

The snowman from last year has returned outside our condos. He is like the pumpkin we had during October, which we can dress and personalize ourselves.

ChloeRocks is interviewing a moose on The Chloe Show, and everyone who watches will receive a free Moose move.

There are some great gifts in the fountain for December! These include an Ice Bear sculpture, an ice couch, Sapphire pendant and many more. Who knows what you will find when you toss your coins?

On 11th December, BABV will celebrate it’s first anniversary! There will be special fountain playing times. Check the banner in Town Square for more info.

There are some great new backgrounds to choose for your photos in the photo booth, in aid of Christmas! These include a Maxine background, Santa background, as well as the famous Hal and Holly Moose.

Remember to check back every Thursday for the latest Holly and Hal show in the theatre!

The new Paws Fur Nature magazine will be coming out on the 10th December! This month, it will star Chimpanzees, and it looks like the prize for answering all of the questions will be a banana plant.

During 5th-14th December, if you go to the real life BABW and make any purchase, you will receive a free Huggable Heroes calendar.


That’s all the news for BABV now, check back soon for your next update! Both me and Jade will be writing about BABV, I just thought seen as how this is a new website for the Gaming Beanie to write about, I would do a general update, to give us a clean slate to start writing, so we don’t get confused on what’s new etc.




Attached is a picture of the new Snazzy Kitty, available to buy in store now! 



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