Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Game Tips


I think the most important recent news on Club Penguin is that NINJAS have come! I am still only on my Red Belt, slowly working my way up!

Here is a simple guide on how to work your way up the ranks, slowly but surely;


The most obvious thing first you need to do is to go speak to the Sensei. First, go to the Dojo Courtyard, then go inside the Dojo. Hover over the cushion in the right hand corner, and a grey penguin will appear. Simple click on it and wait until the pop-up box says “Would you like to speak to the Sensei?” Say yes. The Sensei will show you how to play Card-Jitsu (the game you play to become a Ninja). He won’t tell you some important tips though.

To get your belts, you must speak to the Sensei and click on Challenge Mode – DO NOT PLAY ON THE MATS IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR BELTS!!!

I cannot stress this enough. I made the mistake of playing several games of Card-Jitsu on the mats, and wasted time to earn my white belt.

Once you have gotten into a game, wait for the intro to finish (where your penguin and the opponent bow to each other). Your first 5 cards will show up face up on your side (you can be on either side).

Here are a few tips on playing:

1. I usually play a water card (any water) at the beginning, since most people paly their Fire cards as it is seen as the strongest.

2. I also recommend that you sometimes play your highest card – so one of those 10 ones which have the flashy thing around it.

The 10 value cards (with the flashy things) make it so that the next time you pick a card, the lowest valued card wins, unless the other person can cancel out that card.

For example:

If I play the 10 value water card, and the other person plays a Fire, I will win. The next time the lowest value will win. The next time I pick a 2 value Snow card, but if the other person plays a 2 value water, or a higher value on water, I win the round.

But if the person plays a 2 value fire, they will win. they will also win if they play any fire.

I hope that explains the 10 value cards a little better!

Moving on;

3. Keep a step ahead of the person. This means that you can predict what they are going to play, therefore meaning you will win the round.
4. But be careful when you do this. Sometimes you may go too far ahead of them, and play the wrong card. Make sure you are aware of what kind of intelligence they are at first before trying to predict them.

5. Always think before you play. You have 20 whole seconds to choose what to play, and yes you can pick quickly to rush the other player, but if you sometimes think before you play, you are more likely to succeed.

That is all my tips to play Card-Jitsu. I have stuck by these tips and they have gotten me very far!

Good luck on becoming a Ninja

Ciao x



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