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A Gaming Beanie Sponsor!

October 26, 2008

We have a new sponsor for the Gaming Beanie 🙂

Click here to take a look.

Studentstuff is a cool online shop, which stock cheap and reliable gadgety stuff! 😀

Roll up! Roll up!


CP: Unlimited tix, Mission 9 out, Halloween cat.

October 11, 2008

Ok, it is kind of obvious it doesn’t work, but before the Fall Fair finished, Grab and Spin was closed, probably because of this glitch.

In other CP news, the new mission came out! The Gaming Beanie won’t be doing a mission tutorial, since many people have already done a mission 9 tutorial.

Basically, you need to try and find out where Herbert is, then set up a surveillance camera!

And also, the new Halloween catalogue is out, complete with a few new additions and old favorites 🙂

That is all for now! Keep on CP-ing x

Ciao x


MM: Profiles!

October 11, 2008

The Daily Growl has posted some cool profiles about two of the Moshlings.

Furry Heebee


Super cute? Not really. A Furry Heebee’s bite is worse than its bark. That’s because these flying Moshlings are greedy bloodsuckers that flutter around at night hunting for juicy victims. When they can’t find any necks to nip, they’ll settle for a nice mug of instant tomato soup with plenty of garlicky croutons.

Long capes and scary organ music.

Heebee repellent spray and figures-of-eight.

It’s rare to see a Furry Heebee at all, but if you do it will be hanging upside-down in the Kreepy Kaves of Pantsilvania.

Also, there is a coolio Ghost Story contest! As posted in the Daily Growl, here is how to enter:

* Publish your Ghost Stories on your Pinboard
* Use a green note with a Halloween-y icon, like the bat
* You must comment in this blog to enter, and don’t forget to include the TITLE of your story
* You can enter yourself, or nominate someone else
* You can work with a team to create a collective story, or you can work alone

Keep on Moshy-ing!

Ciao x


New F.A Masks and Food…

October 4, 2008

Look’s like Fuzz Academy has some new masks! But get them FAST! Because, apparently F.A are going to have a price inflation! Quick!

And also looks like there’s some new food to feed your cadets! Yum p: