CP: Events & New Moshlings page coming soon!



I can announce that the Fall fair will be taking place from September 29th to October 5th! Also, according to the Developer’s Blog, we can also expect a visit from Rockhopper, a new mission (yay!), a Halloween party, 3rd year anniversary celebration, and a new yearbook!!

All is a go.. here is a screenie of events coming up, and the new furniture in the Igloo Catalogue

Remember to drag to your address bar for a better image!

In other news:

Expect a new page completely and utterly dedicated to Moshlings! Got tips? Post ’em here!

Ciao x



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5 Responses to “CP: Events & New Moshlings page coming soon!”

  1. Rainy May Says:

    Hello. I am a very experienced Moshi-Monsterer and am very glad to help. One thing I think readers may like is a list of the flower combination’s for each Moshling, I have this knowledge, and will be happy to type it up & e-mail it to you, as long as I get credit. I also think that they may want screenshots of flowers, whole finished sets, etc. If you cannot reach these, I have access to this type of thing also. For, I am a Moshi Member (Paid Member) and can access any type of Monstro City. I have quite a couple gaming blogs of my own and have experience with this type of thing.


    If you like any of these ideas, then e-mail me at RainehM@yahoo.com

  2. Rainy May Says:

    Sorry. If you want to visit my site, use this link instead. XD.

  3. Rainy May Says:

    GAH! This link! LMFAO. I’m so frickin stupid.

  4. Money Market Account Says:

    LMFAO is a good band, i like those hilarious MTV they make on youtube ‘-“

  5. Moshi Monsters Says:

    Moshi Monsters…

    […]CP: Events & New Moshlings page coming soon! « The Gaming Beanie[…]…

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