CP: Newspaper, production, Fall Fair news & pin(s)!


Wow! Lot’s of new stuff in Club Penguin this week! In the Developer’s blog, Billybob posted a sneak peek of the Fall Fair:

I believe the bottom left one is candy floss & confetti, and the bottom right is balloons. at the moment, I am guessing the top one is a tent or something like that. Get your guesses in!

A new stage production started today! It is called “The ruby and the ruby”. I guessed correctly ^^; I thought it would be  detective themed, because of, and I quote “mystery” in the newspaper articles. I also thought it would be one of those New York ones, since the Stage was part grey coloured.

There was some coolio new items that were out for the stage too! If you click on the door knob in the costumes catalogue, you will be able to buy a darker colour of detective coat, or aka a mac:-


And also, a friend kindly gave me another costume trunk secret: the hidden background!


Also, a new pin came out today! It is a magnifying glass pin, and can be found at the dock near the middle right in a tree:


And wow! Another secret pin is out, thanks to the stage production ^^; Here is how to get the secret ruby pin:

— Click on the filing cabinet, bin, book, flower vase and the painting (pictures below) in this order.

cp cp cp cp cp
— After clicking the painting, wait for it to open, and click the ruby to get the pin!

Phew! That’s a lotta news! XD

And finally: a mailing list for TGB has started! Click the link to your right hand side to join 🙂


Beanie x


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3 Responses to “CP: Newspaper, production, Fall Fair news & pin(s)!”

  1. abster Says:

    am i the first to coment ?

  2. abster Says:

    oh yay i am

  3. Lindsay113 Says:

    i love these cheats!i only look at these!

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