Updated The Beginners Guide to Moshi Monsters


Hi all! Just letting people know that I have updated the guide to Moshi Monsters with Section 1:- How to get popular

It includes some tips on how to get well known in Moshi Monsters!

If you have any tips, comments or suggestions for the guide, please comment on this post!

Ciao.. xox



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5 Responses to “Updated The Beginners Guide to Moshi Monsters”

  1. Anna Says:


  2. Sarah Says:

    Hi to anybody who wants info http://www.moshimonsters.com/faq will answer all of your questions!!!
    If anybody has any questions pleze contact me at the e-mail listed above. I check my e-mails regularly and will notify you If I change e-mails

    If you didn’t get the last list I wrote here’s a spare It helps a great deal and even though sometimes you dont get the right colour flowers the first time, keep trying and after the 3rd or 4th time you should find a moshling.
    (P.S. The little birdy thing in the corner is no Hep!)

    002 Chop Chop (ninja monkey) >> any 3 Dragons
    003 Gingersnap (beat up cat) >> any Magic + any Love + any Pepper
    008 Squidge (a fluffy flying thing) >> any Star + any Pepper + any Dragon
    010 Snookums (Dinosaur) >> any 3 Star
    013 Dj Quack (duck) >> any Dragon + any Moon + any Star
    018 Stanley (seahorse) >> any 2 Love + any 1 Dragon
    020 Purdy (pink fluffy cat) >> any Dragon + any Moon + any Dragon
    024 Angel (unicorn/pegasus) >> any Magic + any Pepper + any Star/Pepper

    027 Kissy (baby ghost) >> Purple Star + Blue/Yellow Star + Red/Purple/Yellow/Black Magic
    030 Lady Meowford (white cat) >> Blue Moon + Pink Moon + Yellow/Purple Star
    034 Dipsy (cloud) >> Red/Pink Moon + Black/Yellow Moon + Yellow Love
    039 Shelby (turtle) >> Blue Dragon + Black Dragon + Yellow/Blue Magic
    040 Doris (Rhinosaurus) >> any 3 Moons (except blue)
    043 Blurp (blowfish) >> Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon
    047 Sooki-Yaki (Ninja Cat) >> Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic /OR/ Red Magic + Yellow/Purple Magic + Black Pepper

    050 Pooky (dinosaur) >> Black Magic + Purple Magic + Pink Moon /OR/ Black Magic + Yellow Magic + Blue Magic /OR/ Purple Moon + Red Magic + Purple Magic /OR/ Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Black Magic
    053 Fumble (starfish) >> Red Star + Yellow Love + Red Star/Yellow Magic /OR/ Yellow Love + Blue Star + Yellow Magic
    054 Flumpy (pluff) >> Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star
    056 Mr. Snoodle (Elephant) >> Red Pepper + Purple Magic + Blue Pepper
    059 Hansel (gingerbread) >> Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon
    060 Ecto (ghost) >> Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow/Blue Pepper
    065 Tiki (toucan aka the fruit loops bird) >> Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love /OR/ Purple Love + Blue Star + Red Love
    071 Peppy Penguin (penguin) >> Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic /OR/ Blue Moon + Yellow Magic + Red Moon
    072 Cali (mermaid) >> Blue Love + Pink/Purple Magic + Yellow Love
    074 Prof. Purplex (owl) >> Red/Blue/Yellow Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow moon

    077 Waldo (nerdy Squirrel) >> Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star
    079 Gigi (unicorn) >> Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper
    082 General Fuzukie (warrior) >> Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper
    083 Gurgle (dragon) >> Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love
    088 Oddie (doughnut) >> Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star
    089 Big Bad Bill (VooDoo guy) >> Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star

    Also if you want any advice on cute moshling or any other type of moshling please tell me I’d be happy to help!!!

  3. dawnmitchel Says:

    HI i got a blue moon & black love flowers, and the bird thingy told me that an uncommon moshling liked those, but wat the heck should i plant for the 3rd flower?? or isit a combination for a new moshling that needs a seed from the new members only section?

  4. it Says:

    this web site is ruubish and boaring to make it better you should add more pictures an d colurs so booooo for this web site

  5. chris Says:

    I Want a moshling named Whalemer he is a whale with a blue body and green stripes there group name is the whalies.

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