Neopets: Meerca Day? :O


Happy Meerca day everyone!

  • Two new pets have been added! Zombie and Chocolate Meercas have been seen hopping around Neopia!

    I’m pretty pleased with both of them. ^^ I do love the zombie though. Great job TNT! Keep them coming!

    There’s also some nice compacts available at the Grooming Parlour, New Poems in the poetry competition, Beautiful Art in the art gallery, some fruity goods,Pretty clothes, and some snazzy Fun Images and Backgrounds for you to enjoy! Even Kauvara has joined in with the fun with new potions!
    All Meerca – themed for this occasion! Also, dont forget to train your meerca for free, thanks to Cap’n Threelegs!

  • Here’s the other, non-meerca themed news!
    -A new issue of the Neopian Times has been released!
    -A new Random Contest has begun!
    -A new round of the Beauty Contest has begun! Get your votes in!

    That’s all for now!

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    One Response to “Neopets: Meerca Day? :O”

    1. splaty Says:

      i cant think of a name for my neopet

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