Need 1-3 authors! Apply now!


I would just like to remind everyone that visits the Gaming Beanie that I am still waiting for applications to become an author/writer here at Gaming Beanie!

The Gaming Beanie is looking to hire 1-3 new authors.

You need to be;

– 12+ or mature (includes correct grammar)

– Can update on more than two of the sites The Gaming Beanie focuses on. (or is very experienced in one of the sites)

– Is kind, trustworthy and can type legible writing!

To apply just send an email to (remove the nospam), and include your name, email, experience in blogs/virtual sites, and why you should be a new author.

Beanie x

That was the post further down. I really would like to see some applicants, so don’t be shy, if you know your stuff in Habbo, Fuzz Academy, Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin, you’ll be a great author here at Gaming Beanie!


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3 Responses to “Need 1-3 authors! Apply now!”

  1. holidayclubanddadted Says:

    i am 13
    i have 3 other cp blogs and get over 500 veiws a day!

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  3. holidayclubanddadted Says:

    hi i am not able to get on my email address but here it
    i have had a blog since march 2007 which had over 2,000 veiws a day!
    I then made a new blog to have a fresh start which you saw!
    i get on well with others and dont go on holiday much so i am able to post every day if i can!


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