CP: Rockhopper is here! Missing Boat Hunt


Yay! Rockhopper is back, and he brought an uber cool paper boat hunt too! The boats will make up a blueprint which will /probably/ enable penguins to be able to buy a “ship” as an igloo.

Here is where all the boats are:

Boat 1- Boat 1 is located at the mine shaft (the little shack you can click on in the map) and is in a trough or something near the entrance to the mines.

Boat 2- Boat 2 is in the cove. It is in the bottom right corner of the screen, where the edge of the “restricted” area is.

Boat 3- Is in the coffee shop, just floating in a coffee machine on the counter ^^

Boat 4- Boat 4 is at the beach just nestled in the black rocks next to the lighthouse.

Boat 5– Boat 5 is in the underground swimming pool. Just wait and you’ll see it float past in the window!

Boat 6- Boat 6 is in the Puffle Pet Shop next to the puffle round up door floating in a puffle basket.

Boat 7- Boat 7 is at the Docks just hidden underneath the pier.

Boat 8- Boat 8 is at the iceberg near the middle right flaoting next to the iceberg xD

(remember to drag the image to the address bar to see the full screenie!)

Once you have found all the paper boats, click on “Build the blueprint” and you can piece together the blueprint. Once you’re done, just wait and click on “Claim Prize”. You will get a cool Blueprint Background! 😀


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3 Responses to “CP: Rockhopper is here! Missing Boat Hunt”

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