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CP: New 150th Newspaper Pin!

August 31, 2008

A new Club Penguin pin is out; the 150th anniversary newspaper pin! Ta daaaa 🙂 t is in the boiler room, and it is plain obvious to where it is ^^;

(remember: drag into your address bar for a better image!)

Thankyou and goodnight! 😀



MM: I’ve been featured!

August 31, 2008

Well lookie here! I sent in a pic of my Katsuma, Jellybean, and it got posted in the Daily Growl!! 😀

Here is a link: Click!

I was very excited 😀 I got tons of friend requests, and loads of people commented on my art ^^; I was so chuffed!

In other news: Sorry we haven’t been posting news asap, I for one, have been very busy in r/l!

Chat with me! 😀


Beanie x

Desert Oasis Background

August 25, 2008

There is yet another new background available for your cadet in the item shop. The Desert Oasis is available for 450 hairballs. A picture will be available soon.

Penguin Games!

August 22, 2008

Today in Club penguin, the Penguin games have begun. If you click on the medal in the top right of your screen, you can view all of the tasks which you must complete in order to gain your gold medal. Swim 6 lengths of the pool, waddle the marathon around club penguin & complete 3 laps of the iceberg. For each running game (marathon, 3 lap race) you must stop at each light and make it flash, then carry on.  To support your team, go to the coffee shop for red paint, and the pizza parlour for blue.

To see the full image drag to your address bar

Neopets: Meerca Day? :O

August 17, 2008

Happy Meerca day everyone!

  • Two new pets have been added! Zombie and Chocolate Meercas have been seen hopping around Neopia!

    I’m pretty pleased with both of them. ^^ I do love the zombie though. Great job TNT! Keep them coming!

    There’s also some nice compacts available at the Grooming Parlour, New Poems in the poetry competition, Beautiful Art in the art gallery, some fruity goods,Pretty clothes, and some snazzy Fun Images and Backgrounds for you to enjoy! Even Kauvara has joined in with the fun with new potions!
    All Meerca – themed for this occasion! Also, dont forget to train your meerca for free, thanks to Cap’n Threelegs!

  • Here’s the other, non-meerca themed news!
    -A new issue of the Neopian Times has been released!
    -A new Random Contest has begun!
    -A new round of the Beauty Contest has begun! Get your votes in!

    That’s all for now!

  • Three new authors! Welcome :D

    August 17, 2008

    I’d just like t o mention that the Gaming Beanie has expanded and has added three new staff members!

    Please welcome bexipepsi (who will be a Neopets poster), lolliren (will be joining bexipepsi in Neopets posting) and holidayclubanddadted (whom still needs to pick a site to post about).

    And just to remind people – I am still accepting more authors 😀

    Thanks 😀


    Hey! aznsauce is also a new author. I will be posting mostly about Moshi Monsters. Keep an eye out for my posts please!

    Back to school gifts and more.

    August 16, 2008

    On Neopets: After sending your score when you play Target Back-to-school extravaganza, if you click on the backpack on the left of the page you will be given two free back to school items! These items are a folder and a notebook. Only one of each item per person.

    (remember; for the full image just drag it to your address bar!)

    In other news, the new neohomes feature is now available to use. New avatars will be available, as well as Chocolate and Zombie Meerca.

    New Mystery Pic Competition!

    August 14, 2008

    I just thought up a great idea ^^; To keep people occupied I will start a competition in the blog, a mystery pic competition! Today the mystery pic is in Club Penguin.

    It is quite easy xD The prize will be that you are added to my blog roll.. I can’t think of a better prize, so if anyone has any ideas just post them in a comment!

    To enter, don’t post in a comment, you don’t want people to copy you! So the first person to email me at and has a wordpress blog or a website, will win the prize 😀

    CP: New newspaper out!

    August 14, 2008

    A new newspaper is out! Yay! xD Anyway, the Penguin Games will be starting on the 22nd of August, and we found out that the ice rink will be changing its look for it! At the moment I am thinking it will be changed to an arena a bit like the real Olympics, or maybe a football field ^^; Here is a pic of all the events coming up very soon.

    Need 1-3 authors! Apply now!

    August 11, 2008

    I would just like to remind everyone that visits the Gaming Beanie that I am still waiting for applications to become an author/writer here at Gaming Beanie!

    The Gaming Beanie is looking to hire 1-3 new authors.

    You need to be;

    – 12+ or mature (includes correct grammar)

    – Can update on more than two of the sites The Gaming Beanie focuses on. (or is very experienced in one of the sites)

    – Is kind, trustworthy and can type legible writing!

    To apply just send an email to (remove the nospam), and include your name, email, experience in blogs/virtual sites, and why you should be a new author.

    Beanie x

    That was the post further down. I really would like to see some applicants, so don’t be shy, if you know your stuff in Habbo, Fuzz Academy, Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin, you’ll be a great author here at Gaming Beanie!